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Wedding at The Elizabeth Frankfort Ky: Alex and Jamie

Not many know that I am a triplet. When people ask if I like being a triplet I always say yes. We are each other's best friends. When the eldest triplet, Jamie ask me to film her wedding and to be in it, I said yes, knowing it would be tricky, to say the least, but worth it.

We were so excited when Jamie met her match, Alex. Alex and Jamie share the same interests such as star wars, lord of the rings, and the Lord. For Jamie and Alex, their most important shared interest is their relationship with God.

Jamie and Alex got married at The Elizabeth in Frankfort Ky. This beautiful church was the perfect fit for their traditional and classic wedding. The first look was held at The Capital which was in full bloom and adorned with tulips. It was a perfect Spring day with a lovely couple. We would love to be your Kentucky Wedding Videographer!


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