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Why wedding planners are so important.

There is a big difference between a wedding with a planner and a wedding without a planner. A wedding day without a planner is always more chaotic. The family gets pulled away from enjoying the day with family and friends to settle varying wedding day issues. No matter how hard you try, there will always be something that comes up on a wedding day that needs a planner.

Additionally, vendors, such as photographers and videographers, get pulled out of their roles to help the wedding day run smoothly. This can take away from the quality of their work due to the fact they are being pulled out of their role into one they weren't hired for or are qualified for.

Here is Sarah Burton from Simply Love Studio's top 14 reasons why wedding planners are so important.

1.) They are your advocate on the wedding day to ensure things you planned happen.

2.) They create your timeline with your photographer and videographer in mind, along with sunset time (usually), and then build the day. They work with vendors to determine their arrival time, setup time, etc.

3.) They ensure that all vendors arrive on the wedding day when they are supposed to and deliver what was promised in the contract.

4.) They are usually the first ones there, the last ones to leave

5.) A wedding coordinator and a venue coordinator are not the same thing. While some venues may sell it that way, the venue coordinator is there to make sure the lights are on, the A/C is working, the toilets are flushing, etc. YOUR planner is there for you.

6.) They have an emergency kit on site, usually with an investment of over $1,000 of supplies in it

7.) They can play mediator between family members.

8.) They see that the most important things to you happen on the wedding day.

9.) If you hire someone in the beginning, they can manage your overall budget and help keep your finances on track.

10.) They know the best vendors in your price range for every category and can recommend who is the best.

11.) Oftentimes, a venue might have a staff turnover during your planning stage, while your hired planner will be constant.

12.) They put out fires on the wedding day you may never know about.

13.) They review contracts before you sign them.

14.) They are your point of contact on the wedding day, so no one is calling you about where to put something or who is supposed to be doing something.

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