About us 

We're Kellie + Steve, a husband and wife videography team serving Kentucky and beyond. 

Our Story

Steve and I met on the side of a cliff. We both love rock climbing and found ourselves on this particular day being intrigued by another person who shared the same love. However, he lived in Michigan and I lived in Kentucky, so nothing happened for years. We always remembered the first day when we met and it held a certain significance, like that wasn’t the last day we would see each other. Steve moved to the bluegrass state and were soon reunited and spent many adventures at the Red River Gorge. When he popped the question, we thought there was no better place to get married than the Red. We got married October 5th 2018 at Hemlock Springs and the rest is history!

What She Likes:

  • Being a triplet

  • Cats

  • Organization

  • Scarves

  • The great outdoors 

  • Traveling

What He Likes:

  • Being from Michigan

  • Rock climbing 

  • Being in the water

  • Cooking for family and friends 

  • The snow

Kelliejoy Films

Lexington, KY



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