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Wedding at Lake Erie Wedding: Bethany and Jordan

Destination Wedding
Destination Wedding
Destination Wedding

Bethany and Jordan had initially planned their wedding at the beautiful Hemlock Springs at the Red River Gorge in Slade, Ky. Steve and I personally got married at Hemlock Springs back in 2018, but due to Covid, Bethany and Jordan had to change plans.

They asked us if we would consider coming to Geneva, OH, and we said, of course! Steve and I love adventure and traveling, and we also wanted to do anything we could for our couples affected by Covid.

When we arrived in Geneva, we fell in love with this beautiful town surrounded by Lake Erie. Being from Kentucky, I'm not quite used to these Lakes that feel like an ocean.

Bethany and Jordan had an intimate backyard wedding. During the ceremony, Lake Erie's waves were crashing in the background. It was spectacular. Jordan and Bethany had personal vows which were so heartfelt and sweet. The night ended with a romantic portrait season on the Lake's shore. Steve and I left feeling refreshed and motivated.


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