Wedding at Bodock Farms Burkesville, Ky: Anna and Ryan

Anna and Ryan had a beautiful Bodock Farm Wedding in mid-August. Bodock Farms is a little bit of a drive from Lexington and Louisville, but Steve and I don't mind because this venue is worth the trip!

What we like most about Bodock Farms is that your ceremony and reception area is in one place. Bodock Farms does an excellent job adding some country-style along with a clean, classic look. This is one of the many reasons why Anna and Ryan most likely choose this venue.

Anna and Ryan's love story is truly inspirational. It wasn't long after they started dating that Anna was diagnosed with cancer. She told Ryan she would understand if he wanted to end the relationship, but Ryan being a great person and loving Anna, very much stuck by her side. He went to treatments with her, shaved his head with her, and gave her the support she needed. Now that is what love is all about.

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