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How Much Do Wedding Videographers Cost in Kentucky and Why?

How Much Do Wedding Videographers Cost in Kentucky and Why?

Below you will find the skill levels and budget ranges for Kentucky wedding videographers.

Brand New


A starting videographer will often offer their services for free or at a low rate, such as 500.00. This is because they are very much in the infancy stage of their business and have little to no experience.



Once a videographer has given some weddings away complimentary or at a low rate, they will commonly raise their prices to the above range. These videographers are starting to have some consistency in their work and are gaining more experience. However, they are still considered to be in the beginner stages of their business.



A videographer with two-three years of seasoned work will raise their prices to the above price. This videographer is growing and doing consistent work and good work. They, however, are still developing and honing in on their craft. Alternatively, many agencies and franchises will fall under this price range as well.



A videographer in this range have found their "style" and is thriving in their approach to wedding videography. They are known in the wedding community as being professional, consistent, and creative.



This videographer is very seasoned. Other wedding professionals and clients highly respect and desire to work with them. They often mentor other videographers in the wedding community. They are selective in who they work for and with.

Often times couples will wonder why this price tag is associated with wedding videographers. Small businesses are taxed around 25 percent of the fee they charge. In addition to taxes, there are additional expenses to keep a business running, including business insurance, health insurance, gear cost, editing software, advertisement, delivery services, etc. Along with those expenses, most completed videos can take anywhere between 40 – 70 hours to edit in addition to the wedding day coverage.

Another misconception is that videography should be less than photography. Simply put, videography has more gear meaning more expenses. Videography has audio equipment, whereas photography does not. Videography has tripods and stabilizations, whereas photography does not. Photography has more room for color correction; videography does not. It also takes videographers significantly longer to edit a video than a photographer does for a photo. These factors are why videography should be more than just an add-on with a low rate. It takes skill, hard work, and equipment.

We hope this helps you find the perfect videographer for what you’re looking for! Please fill out our contact page for our rates! We'd love to hear from you for your Kentucky dream wedding!


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